GOD is the inspiration behind my music.  HE has been so good to me.  HE has done miracles in my life over and over even when I felt I didn't deserve them.   


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"GOD IS SO GOOD" (4 song album)

Marston Riley

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"GOD IS SO GOOD" (4 song album)

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Christian Jazz and Gospel with a 70's vibe. Download the album by tapping/clicking "DOWNLOAD: YOUR PRICE" (you set the price of $2.99 or more). Buy the CD + download for $5.50 or individual songs for $0.99. **Note: If you download the songs from an IPhone or IPad the songs may download to an App that is already on your device called "Files".

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Marston Riley is a solo musician.  He composes and arranges his own music.  The featured instrument in his music is the guitar.  The genre of his music is Christian Jazz and Gospel.  

Marston was born and raised in Compton, California. He currently resides in Anaheim, California.  He attended Centennial High School in Compton. He graduated from California State University in Hayward, California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition. He has written, arranged, composed and directed music for Orchestras, Bands including Marching Bands, Jazz Bands, Church Bands; Choirs, Ensembles, and Praise teams. He is a former music teacher that is now producing and sharing his own music. 

Marston Riley can be contacted at: